Previous Titles

On the Edge - paperback

“Has all the elements of classic noir…Poverman is a fine writer with a suitably brisk style and a good ear for courthouse jargon.”

—The New York Times Book Review

Skin - hardcover

“Reading any of these stories made me feel as if I had enjoyed a long novel or witnessed a life.”

—Yale Alumni Magazine

My Father in Dreams - hardcover

“In contrast to the spare and oblique language of much contemporary fiction, Poverman’s prose is generous and rich.”

Publishers Weekly

Solomon's Daughter - Paperback

“In this novel, the passages which break our hearts are the very words which console.”

Washington Post Book World

Susan - hardcover

“This is a deft and captivating novel that succeeds as few first novels do.”

Cleveland Plain Dealer

The Black Velvet Girl - Paperback

“Poverman’s sense of character serves him truly; no matter what he proposes, the reader believes.”

The New Haven Register